3 Ways Security Plastic Can Protect Your Home Or Business Against Storms

There are several forms of severe weather that occur within the United States, from hurricanes to nor'easters to tornadoes. While many home and business owners turn to storm shutters and plywood to protect their windows, there is another method that requires no extra effort to prepare on your part — and looks great. Safety plastic and security glazing should be your go-to solution for protecting your windows from extreme weather.

Protect Against Impact

Investing in Plexiglass or polycarbonate windows windows is worthwhile if you live in an area where severe weather is common. While they are sometimes more expensive than security glass, these plastics range anywhere from 10 - 17 times stronger and are just as crystal-clear.

When safety plastic sustains an impact, it will usually either completely resist it or crack rather than shatter, ensuring that your home or business isn't covered in sharp, broken glass. With intact windows, your property is also less likely to suffer from water or structural damage due to heavy rains and high winds.

Save On Prep Time

With security plastic windows, you won't have to be part of the last-minute scramble to prepare your home for the onset of a bad storm. You won't have to put up plywood or flimsy films over your windows, since they are already impact-resistant and ready for virtually anything.

Additionally, safety plexiglass windows tend to be more energy-efficient than traditional glass. No matter the conditions, your windows will help keep warm or cool air inside your home.

Defend Against Break-Ins And Looters

On top of protecting your home from storm debris, security plastic windows, or windows with security glazing, can also defend against those who may take advantage of a natural disaster as an opportunity to steal. Windows are the most commonly targeted points of entry for break-ins, since they are usually quick and easy to break. Being faced with highly impact-resistant safety plastic will most likely cause would-be thieves to give up and leave the premises. This is just one more way security plastic windows help keep your home or business safe.

To Sum Up The Benefits Of Security Plastic Windows:

  • Their impact-resistance is stronger than safety glass, protecting your home or business from storm debris.
  • Having a ready-made storm solution will save you prep time the next time a severe weather alert occurs.
  • Safety plastic can help ward off looters and other criminals on top of their storm-resistance.

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