3 Types of Semiconductor Plastic Used in the Industry

In the semiconductor industry, precision is key — that means having a high level of purity in the manufacturing environment and cleanliness in the equipment used to machine these often microscopic products. The equipment also has to withstand the harsh chemical conditions and extreme heat required to make those products. You've probably guessed by this point that the material best suited to all these conditions is plastic! Semiconductor grade plastic comes in several varieties available here at A&C Plastics.


High-density polyethylene sheet is often used as a semiconductor plastic for its strength and resistance to acids and contaminants like mold and mildew. It's versatile and malleable, so it can be used to create plastic parts and accessories to meet the industry's rigid demands for quality and purity. HDPE also tends to cost less than traditional materials like ceramics or quartz, so along with easier machinability, it's also a more economical solution.


Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics in existence, with applications in the semiconductor industry ranging from device test sockets to piping components like valves, tubing and filtration elements. It can also be cut or cold-formed on-site during the installation process, adding to its ability to meet the exacting requirements of the semiconductor industry. As a semiconductor plastic, polycarbonate also resists electrical shock and aids in dampening static electricity, which is crucial when manufacturing semiconductor devices.


The creation of semiconductors involves harsh chemicals and even acids in some cases. Polypropylene has excellent chemical and acid resistance, along with many other properties similar to HDPE, but is also a more economical option that greatly benefits the industry. Along with wet benches and work stations, polypropylene can be used to create plastic semiconductors and parts like electrical insulators and integrated circuit chip parts.

Continue Learning About Semiconductor Plastic

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