The Typical Use of Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

A&C Plastic has a wide selection of heavy duty specialty sheeting. From our Anti-Static Acrylic to our Modified Acrylic we are proud of the selection we can provide to our loyal customers. We also offer industrial sheeting, polycarbonate sheets, and multi wall sheeting. With a such an extensive catalog of plastics, it can be difficult to understand the use and the quality all of them. Since we understand that it can be overwhelming to learn the quality and use of all our products, we created a list of our top 4 heavy duty plastics. This list not only gives an explanation of the specialty sheeting but it also explains the typical use of the sheets.  

Top Heavy Duty Plastic Sheets

Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheeting:  Not only is bullet resistant plastic sheeting one of our most popular heavy duty plastic sheets, but this is also one of our strongest. This lightweight and impact resistant plastic is less expensive to make, manipulate, and ship making it a reliable alternative to bullet proof glass. Our bullet resistant plastic sheeting can not only withstand heavy automatic gunfire, but it can also hold up against great blows from sledgehammers and other heavy duty tools and weapons. Due to the strength of this plastic sheeting, bullet resistant plastic sheeting is typically used in high-risk areas, like for bank teller windows in banks,  jewelers, and pharmacies.

Check out our video testing the strength of our bullet resistant acrylic.

Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting: With a glazing product that is considered to be virtually unbreakable, our flame retardant plastic sheeting is another one of our strongest heavy duty specialty sheets. Not only is this plastic sheeting flame inhibiting, but our flame retardant plastic sheeting is also UV-Stable, which adds another layer of strength to this plastic. Despite the fact that our flame retardant plastic is stronger than glass and plexiglass, this specialty sheeting is easy to cut and fabricate, making it simple to manipulate the glass to your specific needs.

Typically this type of plastic is used in electrical devices and aircraft components. In the case of a fire inside of an airplane or an electrical device, the flame retardant plastic sheeting can contain the fire, long enough for someone to come along and successfully stop the fire, without severely damaging the rest of the aircraft or electrical device.  

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheeting: This type of acrylic sheeting has been designed to minimize scratching and scuffing on the surface. Abrasion resistant acrylic sheets typically have one and two side coats of acrylics. Even though the single layer is strong, the double coating has an exponentially higher resistance to chemical attacks. Despite the chemical strength of this heavy duty acrylic sheeting, abrasion resistant acrylic sheeting has amazing optical quality. Consequently, the acrylic sheeting is typically used for public display cases. From bench advertising to restaurant signs, abrasion resistant acrylic is the perfect acrylic sheeting.

Polycarbonate Sheeting: Polycarbonate sheeting is possibly one of our strongest types of plastics. From clear SL sheeting and colored polycarbonate to polycarbonate mirror and reelstock, this plastic sheeting is 250 times stronger than standard glass. Even though this plastic sheeting is stronger than conventional glass, it is extremely flexible and lightweight making polycarbonate sheeting versatile in the ways it can be used.

Because of the strength and versatility of polycarbonate sheeting, it is most commonly used in locations that have a high probability to get vandalized. Thus, you can typically find polycarbonate sheeting at public transportation shelters, Schools, and public display cases.

A&C Plastics’ Specialty Sheeting

This comprehensive list only showcases 4 of our quality products. Not only do we have a full selection of specialty sheets, but we also have a full range of acrylic sheeting that are applicable in most environments. From Light Diffusing acrylics to tinted polycarbonate, A&C Plastics provide only the best in products to our loyal customers. To understand more about our products, make sure you check out our information center. Also, if you have any questions about our heavy duty plastics or any of our plastics, don’t hesitate to contact us.