Applications of the 2-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirrors have several different names including one-way mirror, two-way mirror, and see-thru mirror. However, they all work the same way. A two-way mirror acrylic sheet is designed with a semi-transparent film on the acrylic, allowing a small amount of incident light through and reflecting the rest. With the correct lighting conditions, one side of the acrylic sheet is a mirror and the other side is a window. Two-way or see-thru acrylic mirrors have a variety of applications and benefits. Here are some of the ways to incorporate two-way mirror acrylic sheet in your business or home.

Home Security

When you think of two-way mirrored acrylic sheeting, most people think of a dramatic cop show interrogation, but a two-way mirror is great for protecting your family and valuables. Security cameras can be hidden behind a two-way acrylic sheet, disguising itself as a regular mirror. If you have a nanny, cleaning staff, or workers in your house, replacing the glass with mirrored acrylic sheeting in the frame will allow you to install a camera behind it and check up on happenings going on in your home when you’re not there.

Commercial Surveillance

Two-way acrylic mirrors are ideal in retail and commercial settings. Surveillance is an essential part of protecting your business, valuables, and customers. Often times, department stores, banks, showrooms, and offices will have a large two-way acrylic mirror sheet installed to get a big picture of what is going on in their business, rather than just having security cameras. Domed acrylic sheeting can also serve as a two-way mirror that holds security cameras inside and can be installed on the ceiling of businesses.

Hiding a TV

Open up a living space by concealing your TV with a two-way acrylic mirror. Similar to hiding security cameras behind a framed mirror, a TV can be installed behind a two-way acrylic mirror. When you’re TV is not in use, it serves as a mirror, making your space a distraction-free place to have parties and gatherings. When the TV is turned on, it becomes the focal point of your living room.

Smart Mirrors

A unique way to use two-way acrylic mirror sheeting is to create a smart mirror using an old tablet behind the acrylic sheeting. Install a few development apps on your old tablet, adhere your tablet to one side of the two-way acrylic mirror and now you have a mirror that will display the time, temperature, and any important information you need to know before you start your day.

AC Plastics offers a variety of different mirrored acrylic sheets to fit the needs of your home or business with unmatched clarity to help disguise cameras, TVs, and more. It’s more durable than glass, effectively absorbing everyday wear and tear. For your next two-way acrylic mirror project, choose A&C Plastics.

For more information about A&C Plastics two-way acrylic mirror sheets and other products, contact our staff to help you find the right product to fit your application.

Application of 2-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheets Includes

  • Home Security
  • Commercial Surveillance
  • Hiding a TV
  • Smart Mirrors
  • Protecting Your Family
  • Hiding Valuables
  • Bank Surveillance
  • Monitoring Employees
  • Showroom Surveillance