Applications Best Suited for ABS Plastic Sheet

There are a large variety of different plastics that serve different purposes based on the strength, durability, texture, melting point, and more. When it’s time to pick the right plastic material for the job, it’s important to choose the one that fits in your businesses budget and is the best plastic for that type of application. ABS plastic sheeting, also known as engineering plastic can often times replace other plastics as a low cost alternative that is more durable and better suited for that application. Here are applications that are better suited for ABS plastic sheet compared to other plastic materials.

Automotive Industry

Because ABS plastic is much lighter than other plastics, vehicles that use ABS and plastics that are similar can decrease the weight of vehicles by 10%, making them more fuel efficient. Typically, ABS plastic sheet is used on dashboards, wheel covers, and body parts because of its strength, low temperature resistance, and rugged surface that doesn’t easily scratch.

3D Building Material

Professional 3D printers often use ABS plastic because of its low temperature melting point. 3D printing professionals choose ABS plastic sheet over PLA because PLA has a lower melting point, making it difficult to store in warmer conditions. ABS is also much stronger than PLA plastic and less prone to breakage.

Machine Prototype Construction

Because ABS is easily molded compared to other plastics, it is used to create prototypes, especially in the machining industry. ABS plastic sheets create a clean cosmetic surface for prototypes and are easier to paint than other types of plastic. And, because of it's low cost, ABS plastic is more economical for creating temporary prototypes.

Pipes and Fittings

ABS plastic sheet is a better choice for pipes and fittings than other plastics and metal. It’s easier to install, it's lightweight, and won't rot, mold, or corrode, especially when used to collect waste. ABS plastic is more durable than PVC and is much more resistant to impact and breakage in low temperature situations.

Vacuum Construction

ABS is one of the best and most popular plastics to use for constructing vacuums and vacuum parts. ABS plastic sheeting creates rigid parts that are much more durable than any other plastic, and can be produced in black, white, and custom colors. ABS plastic sheeting also has a textured haircell finish that hides and resists scratches, allowing it to withstand heavy duty use.

AC Plastics Inc. provides durable ABS plastic sheets to use in several types of industries and applications to fit the needs and budget of your business. We offer a variety of grains, custom colors, and speciality ABS plastic sheeting with a superior resistance to UV rays.

Most Common Uses for ABS Plastic Sheets Include

  • Refrigeration Industry
  • 3D Building Materials
  • Machine Prototype Construction
  • Pipes
  • Fittings
  • Vacuum Construction
  • Keyboard Keys
  • Power-Tool Housing
  • Wall Socket Face-Guard