5 Ways Commercial Transportation Plastic Makes Vehicles Safe And Efficient

Industrial and commercial vehicles need to be sturdy to get their jobs done safely and effectively. That's why plastic for industrial transportation has become more popular than glass and metal when constructing everything from forklifts to semi trucks. Find out some of the ways it holds up in the face of tough jobs and harsh environments.

Which Plastics Qualify As Industrial Vehicle Plastic?

Industrial transportation plastic and commercial vehicle plastic are often made from plastics that are easy to thermoform, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The ability to thermoform plastics is advantageous because industrial and commercial vehicles often have large enclosures and housings that would be difficult to make with metal or glass.

Acrylic and polycarbonate are also frequently used as commercial transportation plastic solutions. Since they have such a high strength to weight ratio, they're effective in window and windshield glazing applications.

What Makes Plastic For Commercial Vehicles The Best Choice?

Plastics are tough. They can stand up to a variety of forces, whether it’s an impact, chemicals or harsh weather. And they do it all while looking great. Let's explore some of industrial vehicle plastic's other perks.


On top of making it easy to form large parts for industrial and commercial vehicles, thermoforming has other benefits as well. Thermoformed plastics can withstand exposure to wide range of temperatures while remaining impact-resistant regardless if they're extremely hot or cold. Thermoformed plastic for commercial vehicles also makes production more efficient and cost-effective.


Commercial and industrial vehicles frequently have to contend with harsh outdoor conditions. Rain, snow and deicing chemicals can eat away at metal and cause it to rust over time, but plastic is resistant to all of these elements. Industrial vehicle plastic will not rust, rot or delaminate due to weather or chemical exposure, ensuring that it looks great and lasts a long time.


Glazing is often used for security purposes, with single or multiple layers of plastic laminate coating glass to make it harder to break. It's also a useful application for commercial vehicles like semi trucks and buses to help make windows sturdier. Commercial vehicle plastic glazing is a great way to protect a vehicle and its passengers from harm should an accident occur.


Plastic is used for the interiors of buses and trains because it's easy to form into any shape and it can be made in any color. Whether it's a luggage bin, a meal tray or plastic flooring, manufacturers can create a comfortable, pleasant interior for commercial vehicles with plastic. As an added bonus, plastic flooring and paneling provides acoustic insulation, which helps block out street and engine noise.


On top of looking pretty, using plastic for commercial transportation makes vehicles lighter, which improves fuel economy. For example, polycarbonate and acrylic, which can both be used for window glazing, are half the weight of glass with 30 times the impact strength. Plastic makes it easy to maintain, and even improves the security of industrial and commercial vehicles while reducing their environmental impact.

Summing Up The Benefits Of Commercial And Industrial Vehicle Plastic:

  • It can be thermoformed into a variety of large shapes. The process of thermoforming also makes plastic more resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • It will not rot, rust or delaminate after extended exposure to chemicals or the elements like metal or wood can.
  • Glazing can help prevent windows and windshields from shattering due to impact.
  • Plastic can be made into any shape with any color, so it creates a pleasant travel space while also providing acoustic insulation.
  • Commercial vehicle plastic is lightweight, which helps buses and semi trucks have better fuel economy.

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