Vehicle Plastic Resources

Plastic for the transportation industry has transformed every mode of travel, from air to land to sea. Train plastic is used to create luggage compartments, car plastic is used to make our vehicles lighter and RV plastic is used for weather-resistant body panels. Plastic is also used to make vehicles sturdier, as with truck plastics that act as floor liners and car plexiglass for shatter-resistant windshields. There's almost no limit to what transportation industry plastic can do! Learn more about the plastics that help make our everyday commutes safe, comfortable and efficient.

5 Ways Commercial Transportation Plastic Is Safer
Industrial and commercial vehicles need to be sturdy in order to help get jobs done right. Find out how plastic for commercial vehicles helps them pull it off.
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Commercial Vehicle Plastic in Mass Transit
Even regular users of mass transit don't realize how prominent commercial transportation plastic is in the construction of their train or bus. Learn more.
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