Resources on Plastic for Mining

The equipment used in the mining industry, from conveyors to hydraulic sleeves, sustains a great deal of wear and tear — but plastic can help prevent that damage from happening sooner than it should. Plastic for mining can be used to protect equipment from impact, corrosion and extreme temperatures. In your average mining site, you can probably find many different types of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic (PMMA) plastic sheeting and polycarbonate plastic sheets, along with specialized materials like ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). But we won't spoil the most interesting tidbits here — check out all our resources on plastic for mining applications and learn how A&C Plastics can help with your next project.

5 Popular Types of Plastic for Mining Applications
The mining industry is hard on equipment, which is why only the toughest materials, like plastic, are chosen for the job. Learn which types of plastic for mining applications are commonly found in piping systems, heavy equipment and more.
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Common Applications of Plastic for Mining
Mining is centered around digging for priceless objects with the help of tough, unyielding equipment. While much of this equipment consists of hard materials, plastic is more common in the mining industry than people may believe. Check out this article to discover the beneficial uses of plastic for mining.
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