Resources for Water Reclamation Plastics

Plastics play a major part in water reclamation and transport, ensuring that waste water is channeled to the appropriate outlets for filtration or disposal. Any given water transport system will include hundreds of plastic elements, including pipes, tanks, valve and pump components and more. Using a plastic water pipe in place of a copper one, or a plastic water tank in place of steel, will not only save facilities money on maintenance throughout the years, but will also provide superior protection for public health. Learn more about the types of plastic used for water reclamation in the resources below.

Common Applications of Water Reclamation Plastics
Water plastics are used for a wide variety of applications throughout the water reclamation and distribution industry. Find out some of the most common places you'll find water plastics.
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Types of Plastic Pipes for Plumbing
Plastic pipes for plumbing are used in industrial and residential plumbing systems around the world. Learn more about the benefits and types of plastic for piping.
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