Automotive Plastic Resources

Much like the aerospace field and other transportation industries, the world of personal vehicles is part of the plastic revolution. Plastic components used in cars are responsible for making our vehicles safer and lighter so the driving experience is more secure for everyone. Sometimes plastic car parts are obvious, like mud flaps and moisture barriers, but other times they're quite surprising: did you know that your fluid lines, power train components, bushings and bearings are all most likely made of plastic? If you want to learn more about car plastic and how you can use it for your project or business, take a look at our resources below.

4 Types Of Plastic Used In Cars And Car Parts
Plastic has become one of the most frequently used materials in vehicle manufacturing. Learn which types of car plastic are at the forefront of automotive innovation.
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How Plastic Car Parts Make Our Vehicles Safer
Plastic car parts are a major reason why modern vehicles are lighter, more fuel efficient and, most importantly, safer than ever before. Learn more about how plastic makes driving safer.
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