Resources For Fluid Handling Plastic

The fluid handling industry covers a broad range of applications, from pharmaceutical to industrial. And fluid handling grade plastic is used for all of them — from dialysis tubes to wastewater treatment pipes. There are a number of reasons why manufacturers are turning to plastic for fluid handling, and if you're ready to explore them, you've come to the right place. Read our informational articles on the versatility of fluid handling plastic and see if they're the right material for your job.

Fluid Handling Plastic In The Medical Industry
Fluid handling plastic plays a key role in keeping liquid medicines safe for the patients who need them. Learn what kinds of plastics are used for the bottles in your medicine cabinet and beyond!
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Why is Plastic Used in Fluid Handling Equipment?
The benefits of plastic in fluid handling equipment are wide-ranging and, sometimes, even unexpected. Learn more about why this amazing material is becoming more prominent across the fluid handling industry.
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