The Importance of Polycarbonate Face Shields

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has always been important for those in the medical, dental and veterinary industries, but in the time of COVID-19, it's important for the rest of us, too. By equipping yourself and your employees with polycarbonate face shields, you can help put one more layer between yourselves and the coronavirus. A&C Plastics has plenty of options to help you take the necessary precautions.

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What Do Polycarbonate Face Shields Do?

Polycarbonate face shields create a see-through barrier between you and the people you're working with or serving. They are simple, rounded sheets of plastic that are usually attached to protective glasses or a headband, allowing them to sit just in front of your face. The plastic acts as a sneeze guard, catching any droplets that may come out of your mouth or nose to ensure that your germs don't spread to others. These shields can also protect you to an extent, guarding your eyes and other mucous membrane areas from outside germs.

Why Do I Need Polycarbonate Face Shields?

Polycarbonate face shields are used in medical fields for a reason. The plastic barrier doesn't allow germs to pass through it like a cloth mask would, and the sheet covers your entire face instead of just your nose and mouth. That being said, they don't make you invincible. Polycarbonate face shields are most effective when they're used in conjunction with fabric face masks and, optionally, protective glasses. If you or your employees are going to be working closely with others, polycarbonate face shields can help put your customers at ease, knowing that you're taking extra precautions to protect them — and yourselves.

How Do I Choose Polycarbonate Face Shields?

The most important factor in choosing a face shield is that it protects your entire face. To do this, it needs to sit securely, suspended about half an inch or an inch above your eyebrows. You should choose polycarbonate face shields that either use a headband or attach to protective glasses to fit snugly but comfortably around your head or on your face. An adjustable headband is also a great feature to ensure that each of your employees has a shield that fits properly.

Recap: The Benefits of Polycarbonate Face Shields

  • Clear plastic for ease of visibility
  • Full facial protection
  • Disposable and reusable options available
  • Prevent your droplets from spreading to others
  • Create an additional barrier between yourself and others

Polycarbonate Face Shields at A&C Plastics

A&C Plastics is proud to carry a wide variety of polycarbonate face shields and other COVID-19 PPE. We have two disposable polycarbonate face shield styles available: a disposable face shield with an adjustable headband, and one with slots that connect right to your glasses, sunglasses or other protective eyewear. We also carry a reusable PETG face shield that can be sanitized and used multiple times. Special discounts are available for quantities of masks over 250 and beyond so you can receive necessary supplies for your business or facility for an affordable price. And, our fast turn around times and nationwide shipping mean that you'll have your protective gear on hand quickly! Live near one of our locations in Houston, Colorado Springs or Chicago? We'll even deliver your order to you for free if your purchase amounts to over $100.

Choose Polycarbonate Face Shields from A&C Plastics

In need of polycarbonate face shields for yourself or your essential business? A&C Plastics is here to help. View our full catalog of COVID-19 PPE and other protective solutions to ensure that you're taking all possible precautions against this contagious virus. And, from our family to yours, stay safe and healthy!

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