Ballistic Material for Riot Gear and Face Shields

Working in law enforcement or the military comes with serious risks on the frontlines. To prepare for all types of threats, officers and soldiers must arm themselves with the most effective and durable ballistic material to guarantee their safety. At A&C Plastics, we understand the uncertainty of working under these dangerous conditions. That's why we've developed our specialty ballistic plastic sheeting to reinforce face masks, shields and other riot gear for the ultimate protection. Learn more about these bullet-resistant materials in this article.

About Ballistic Material

For nearly 50 years, A&C Plastics has specialized in providing outstanding plastic materials for various markets. Our sheets are manufactured with precise attention to detail using the most durable components to ensure long-lasting efficiency. From industrial HDPE to anti-static acrylic, industries such as agriculture, medical and construction benefit from our innovative plastic solutions. However, there are two other key organizations that rely on high-quality plastic to stay safe on the job — law enforcement and the military.

Unlike most other institutions or businesses, these two branches of authority employ individuals to serve and protect. In order to do so, police officers and soldiers require heavy-duty armor and face shields made from tenacious ballistic material. Without proper protection, serious or fatal injuries can occur. Fortunately, our plastic sheeting isn't just for ordinary applications like creating car parts for automobiles — our bullet-resistant materials can help keep troopers, servicemen and servicewomen safe.

Types of Ballistic Plastic

Bulletproof glass tends to be the standard for protecting individuals from deadly firearms. However, glass can be expensive to produce and very heavy to use. As such, law enforcement and military personnel are using ballistic plastic more often to craft tactical shields and facial protection options that are lightweight and cheaper to manufacture. These ballistic plastics can either be bulletproof or containment-grade. Containment-grade plastic is used for protection against strong impacts caused by forced entry. However, to be protected during riots and raids, bulletproof plastic materials should be used instead of containment-grade sheeting. Our ballistic material is available in two variations: bullet-resistant polycarbonate and acrylic.

Acrylic plexiglass sheet plastic is less expensive than both glass and polycarbonate sheeting. Acrylic is also 17 times more impact-resistant than glass, can be polished smooth and is easier to cut than polycarbonate. Keep in mind that acrylic plexiglass sheets are very rigid and can crack and chip easily.

Acrylic Ballistic Plastics

Acrylic ballistic plastics can be used to create shields in banks, gas stations and more, and they can even form dividers between drivers and passengers in taxis. However, because this type of plastic can be moulded very easily, it can also be used to create a highly durable riot shield or face mask. In fact, we carry Plexiglas® SB acrylic that is designed to protect against bullets fired from smaller guns. And, if you choose to use acrylic bullet-resistant materials to construct tactical gear, it won't crack or break when cut into.

Polycarbonate Ballistic Plastics

Although polycarbonate ballistic plastics work the same way as acrylic sheets, polycarbonate is much stronger and extremely resistant to powerful impacts. It is also impervious to intense heat or cold, meaning shields and masks will never lose their structural integrity due to weather conditions. Polycarbonate is also lightweight like acrylic, so you can still move quickly without feeling bogged down.

Order Bulk Ballistic Material from A&C Plastics

Crime and tragedy are unpredictable. In order to keep your personnel protected from unsafe situations, you must provide them with tactical gear made from the strongest ballistic material on the market. Don't order inferior or costly equipment — save money by purchasing acrylic or polycarbonate ballistic plastic in bulk. With these materials, you'll be able to create truly effective gear to give your staff the utmost protection. Order now!

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