Celebrating Our Long-Term Anniversaries

on 09/27/2017
Today we celebrated 25 years with Keith "The Gatman" Gaddis and 10 years with Jose Calderon.

Keith has a heart of gold and can make you laugh with just one look. He is the guy that brings the office together with his witty remarks and unique personality. Keith has been the go-to guy for decades here because customers gravitate to him and how he handles business. 

Keith Gaddis

Jose is the bridge between our office and the warehouse. He brings a great energy to our office and makes sure that things run smooth so that you, our customers, get what you want, when you want it and how you want it. He is our operations manager and brings plenty of experience and problem solving abilities to keep our needs going. There is nothing Jose cares more about than getting the job done and making people happy.

Jose Calderon



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